Cash-Back App is awesome!

Earn "INSTANT" cash-back rewards using the FREE zabofish  APP for your favorite theater! Get hooked!

What is zabofish?

First - it's FREE!


The zabofish mobile app is a new rewards program that gives you, the customer, something a lot more valuable than silly, complicated points that you don't know how to use! It gives you instant cash-back credit into your zabofish account each and every time you use it to purchase tickets or concessions at your favorite movie theater who are members of the zabofish family.

Second - it's valuable!


Depending on your theater, you could earn instant cash-back of anywhere from 2% up to 10% or more on everything you buy from tickets to concessions. It adds up quickly if you are a loyal movie goer and so easy to use and keep track of, because it's all in your zabofish mobile account!

Third - More Benefits with Paid Memberships


Every theater offers something different but all have a prepaid membership program that rewards you even higher cash-back rewards levels than the FREE memberships - as well as other valuable rewards like free movie tickets, free concessions, no on-line convenience fees and birthday gifts to help you celebrate! 

It's easy for you to set up! Just follow these 3 steps!


FIRST. Download the flexSpend® APP. It's easy and in your mobile APP store!

Open the app store on your mobile device and search for zabofish . Download the free zabofish  APP. Open the APP and search for the name of your theater in the search bar.


SECOND. Complete your profile and register an account.

After choosing the name of the theater complete your profile and register an account. Choose either the free cash-back account or choose to upgrade to a membership level that rewards you much higher cash-back and other money-saving rewards - like free tickets!  


THIRD. Pre-load your new account.

Finally, don’t forget to pre-load your new zabofish app with money so you can be ready to start earning instant cash-back rewards when you buy your tickets and concessions at any of your theater chains locations. You will even get cash-back by simply loading your account with spending money!


Sample Membership Rewards Program!

The Experts All Agree!  

The Republic Theatres ZABOFISH™ Mobile APP is the Reward Winning APP!

Earn "INSTANT" cash-back rewards using our FREE zabofish®  APP for Republic THEATRE™!

If you can't find the name of your theater...just send us an email and let us know!

Let us know the name of the theater and where they are and then send it to us at: We will contact the theater and notify you know when they become members of the zabofish family and you can start earning instant cash-back! 

No more silly points or lame rewards - like a free, small bag of popcorn!

Shortly you'll be on the way to earning real discounts with instant cash-back rewards!  

And zabofish is a great gift card too!

Remember, if your favorite theater hasn't signed up yet, you know what to do! 

Email their name to us:

They need to join the zabofish family today!  

Subscribe, we will keep you in the loop!

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